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Water Leak Detection in Boynton Beach

Most of us have become familiar with water damage at one point or another. That creeping discoloration and damp can seem to appear without warning, often making us wish for more upfront sources of damage, like heavy rains or winds, so you at least know the problem is there.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t generally arrange for our problems to be nearly so convenient. Small, hidden leaks in pipes can end up causing water damage in the worst places and gradually take our homes away from us. That’s why leak detection is so important.

Leak Detection Services

Professional leak detection services from Restoration Pro can help you find all sorts of problems, including:

  • Foundation leaks
  • Valve problems
  • Drainage issues

All of these can end up costing you a lot of money if they aren’t properly located and resolved. Fortunately, our specialists are good at locating the hidden sources of leaks, whether they are in the plumbing system or somewhere else.

You might be wondering: Why should I bother finding hidden water leaks?

The fact of the matter is that water damage can get out of hand quickly—and the threat isn’t just the potential structural damage. Your health could be in jeopardy, too.


The Dangers of Hidden Water Leaks

Structural damage is, of course, the biggest concern for most homeowners. Homes are there to be places of safety, retreat, and enjoyment. That’s hard to get when an odd wet patch is discoloring your carefully designed abode or bits of the ceiling are getting stuck to your furniture.

More subtle damage to the foundation can lead to larger structural damage in a home, as well. That’s why finding the source of your water leak is important…but the potential for health problems is also a serious concern with mold.


Hidden Water Leaks

Hidden water leaks can cause problems no matter where they are, thanks to mold. The leak creates a damp and humid environment where mold can thrive. Some of these molds then begin to release toxins into the air that aggravate respiratory conditions. They can even affect otherwise healthy people.

Due to these facts, Restoration Pro cannot overstate the importance of proper leak detection. You need someone you can trust to find leaks, as well as someone who will do the job right, being able to alert you to other potential problems.

Water Leaks in Coastal Areas

Even structural sound homes can have problems with leaks in coastal areas like Boynton Beach. This is particularly true in areas prone to being in the path of severe weather, like hurricanes. Even one storm can cause damage in just the right place to cause a hidden leak.

Finding such leaks is a high priority for the Restoration Pro specialists, who will also make sure to check for any lingering problems and make a recommendation on whether mold remediation is also warranted. All of this is worth keeping in mind if you want to maintain a happy and home.

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